Response of MPST to the statement of IWA

The purpose of this statement is to disprove the lies and shed light on
the real state of affairs in our organization.

April 8th, 2013 a statement was published on website,
condemning the activities of our group and calling for boycott MPST and
other Russian anarchist organizations and individuals who does not share
the position of Russian IWA section KRAS regarding our organization.

Previously, we have been encountered such groundless criticism from
KRAS(members of which were in the same organization with some of us
before) multiple times. Several years ago, MPST proposed to organize a
mediation court because of accusations of MPST members in nationalism
and collaboration with the police from the KRAS side. Then, KRAS members
refused to carry out the mediation court and declared that all the
organizations in Moscow anarchist community, who did not agree with
them, were non-anarchist. After that incident, we have not considered
KRAS declarations in our address seriously, because we have been sure,
that other Russian anarchists would consider them as lies.

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